Allied Extras

2.0 Compatible K-Cup Varieties: 24 cups/box

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Superior Coffee of Alaska, Inc. K-Cup Coffee Blends

  • Aurora Blend ~ Medium Roast

  • Borealis Blend ~ Dark Roast

  • Nanook Blend ~ Decaffeinated




Authentic Donut Shop K-Cup Coffee Blends & Hot Cocoa

  • Original Roast ~ Medium Roast 

  • Original Dark Roast ~ Dark Roast

  • Hot Chocolate ~ Cocoa

Torani K-Cup Flavored Coffee Blends

  • Breakfast Blend ~ Medium Roast

  • Italian Roast ~ Dark Roast

  • French Vanilla ~ Flavored Coffee

  • Toasted Hazelnut ~ Flavored Coffee

  • Salted Caramel ~ Flavored Coffee

Twinings K-Cup Teas

  • English Breakfast Tea ~ Black Tea

  • Green Tea ~ Green Tea

  • Earl Grey Tea ~ Black Tea

  • Peppermint Herbal Tea ~ Herbal Tea

  • Chai Spice Tea ~ Chai Flavored Tea

Skinny Girl K-Cup Teas, Coffees, and Hot Chocolate

  • Sangria Hibiscus Herbal Tea ~ Flavored Herbal Tea

  • Mojito Mint Green Tea ~ Flavored Green Tea

  • Peach Bellini Green Tea ~ Flavored Green Tea

  • Cranberry Cosmo White Tea ~ Flavored White Tea

  • Americano ~ Medium Roast

  • Half Caff ~ Half-Caffeinated, Half-Decaffeinated Medium Roast

  • Hot Chocolate ~ No Sugar Added Cocoa

Java Factory K-Cup Coffee Blends

  • Vanilla Dream ~ Flavored Coffee

  • Da BOMB ~ Double Caffeinated

  • Coconut ~ Flavored Coffee

Wolfgang Puck K-Cup Coffee Blends

  • Jamaican Me Crazy ~ Flavored Coffee

  • Breakfast In Bed ~ Medium Roast

  • Hawaiian Hazelnut ~ Flavored Coffee


Nestle Hot Chocolate

Nestle No Sugar Added Hot Chocolate

Nestle Vend Whipper Chocolate


Cappuccino Powder Mixes

French Vanilla, English Toffee, White Chocolate Caramel, Pumpkin Spice


Alpine Hot Apple Cider


Lipton Tea


Lipton Decaffeinated Tea


Bigelow Herbal Teas (caffeine-free):

Apple Cinnamon, Chamomile (Cozy Comfort), Cranberry Apple, I Love Lemon, Mint Medley, Oranges & Spice,

and Peach


Bigelow Black Teas (caffeinated): Cinnamon Stick, Constant Comment (Orange), Darjeeling, Earl Gray,

English Teatime, Lemon Lift, Pomegranate Black Tea, Raspberry Royal


Bigelow Green Teas: Decaffeinated Green Tea, Green Tea, Green Tea plus Pomegranate, Green Tea plus Lemon

Grindstone Condiments Individual Packets of Creamer and Sugar


Dixie Sugar Cubes


Sugar Substitutes:

Sweet 'N Low




Carnation Flavored Coffee-Mate

French Vanilla, Hazelnut