We have an extensive line of restaurant equipment in Fairbanks, AK

An extensive variety of restaurant equipment and whole bean arabican coffee blends are available. We can provide your favorite coffee or develop a special blend in order to offer your customers a unique cup. Our coffee blends are available in Whole Bean form, Pre-ground Bulk, 3 gallon Urn Pack, and ½ gallon Pre-measured Packets in order to provide you and your staff with the most convenient and cost effective product in Fairbanks, AK.

We will provide state-of-the art portion coffee grinders, coffee portion controls, and coffee makers to suit your particular needs at no additional charge.  Depending on your needs we can provide institution 6 gallon coffee urns, high yield brewers that can produce 42 gallon an hour, quality Airpot brewers, or commercial brewers providing coffee by the 64 oz. beaker.

Specialty Services

Since 1970, we've continued to provide quality gourmet coffee to Fairbanks and beyond. This includes offering samples of our award-winning Columbian coffees and commercial coffee equipment for you to brew with—free of charge!